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Transport Layer Interface: Transport Layer Interface Example:Consider the Berkeleysocket interface, which has been adopted by all UNIX systems, as well as Windows: SOCKET Create a new

Computer Networks - Transport Layer:
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Chapter 5: Transport Layer

-A socket is the interface between the application layer and -Transport layer receives packets from network layer for all four processes 5 - 25.

Transport Protocols

Transport layer functions 2. Elements of transport protocols (addressing) 3. to the same outbound interface at the same time). Packet duplicates:

Transport Layer Function Transport Layer

Layer Service Interface Transport Port Protocol IP: Message TCP/IPPort ISO TSAP (transport service access point) INF3190 / INF4190 - Data Communication

Chap. 3: Transport Layer

transport layer) 2. 2. Quality of Service QoS can be characterized by a number of specific parameters. Very simple interface for programming
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